The J/22 World Championship will be held during the 134. Travemünder Woche 2023. The Travemünder Woche (engl. Travemünde Week) is the second largest annual race week in sailing in Germany. It is held since 1892 by the end of July at the traditional seaside resort Travemünde located at the Bay of Lübeck of the Baltic Sea. The main organizer of this event is the Yacht Club of Lübeck.

In 2023 there will be around 3000 sailors participating in the race week with more than 800 boats.

  • Multi Class Event
  • Open Championship, without qualification 
  • Own Racing Area within the Event
  • Separate area for J/22 Social Events
  • Jetty Beer
  • Dinner on four-mast barque "Passat"
  • Own Opening Ceremony
  • Price Giving Ceremony
*) proposal, not confirmed yet

About Travemünde 

In 1187 the Schauenburg Count Adolf III of Holstein had a defensive tower built as a bastion against the Slaves and “Norman Pirates” as the Vikings were sometimes referred to in those days. This step represents the founding of Travemuende albeit that according to earlier records Adolf II had already commissioned the construction of defensive works on this spot to check the advance of Slavic tribes. The destruction of this bulwark in 1181 and the subsequent founding of a new village in 1187 are also mentioned in the records of that time. 

Travemuende was originally founded as a small village at the mouth of the river Trave and for centuries survived from fishing and shipping. 

A good deal for Luebeck`s merchants 
The citizens of Luebeck further upriver were concerned as to the potential blockage of the mouth of the river Trave by count Adolf and after lengthy negotiations succeeded in purchasing the defensive tower at Travemuende in 1320 for the sum of 6,000 Luebsche Mark, followed by the acquisition of the whole village for a further 1060 Marks in 1329. Strategically this was a sound decision as through the ownership and control of Travemuende safe access to the harbour of Luebeck was assured. 

Fishing and shipping have traditionally been the main sources of income for Travemuende. Initiated by the wealthy merchants of Luebeck in search of building sites for their summer residences it was considered toward the end of the 18th century to convert the sleepy village into a seaside resort (Seebad). Therefore since 1802 Travemuende could officially refer to itself as such besides such established places as Heiligendamm and Norderney. 

Rush on the fashionable Seaside Resort 

At around 1824 the first wave of visitors arrived by sea. Regular shipping lines connecting Travemuende with Copenhagen, Riga and St Petersburg were established. Especially the direct access to the Tsarist Empire was important as it brought wealthy Russians to Travemuende, which accelerated the growth of the sleepy village. The main point for visitors in 1803 was already a “Kurhaus” (Sanatorium) replaced in 1912 with the current structure (again totally renovated and refurbished in 2005). Guests could take a bath for 6 Marks, assured by strict regulations and the presence of a tough supervisor that the water was always clean. Word about the magnificent facilities spread quickly and Travemuende became the meeting place for the rich and famous of the time, further attracted by the gambling casino established in 1833 with proceeds going to the poor and needy. This notwithstanding, the casino often became the focal point for controversy, culminating in the decision to close the place by government decree in 1872. The casino only opened as recently as 1949 to cater for the needs of those who get a kick out of roulette, baccarat and black jack. Travemuende has always attracted prominent people of their time, such as Joseph von Eichendorff, Iwan Turgenjew and Richard Wagner. Emanuel Geibel wrote poetry about the place and Clara Wieck wrote in glowing colours to her future husband Robert Schumann about a sailing trip of the Travemuende shore. The best description as to how high society spent their summer vacations can be found in Thomas Mann’s famous novel “The Buddenbrooks”. It has also been reported that Franz Kafka caused quite some mayhem in 1914 when he walked barefoot along Travemuende beach 

Quelle: www.travemuende.de


How to get to Travemünde


  • Baltic Sea, Bay of Travemünde
  • Lübeck/Travemünde is located approx. 100km north/east of Hamburg
  • Easy access via motorway
  • Direct ferries from the nordics to Travemünde
  • by train

Destinations to/from Hamburg airport (HAM):
Many airlines offer scheduled flights from or to many locations all other the world. Further informations at Airport Hamburg.

From Hamburg Airport you can get the S-Bahn (suburban rail network) line S1. Line S1 operates every 10 minutes between Hamburg Airport and Hamburg’s central railway station, Hauptbahnhof, a journey of only 25 minutes. The “Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)” S-Bahn station is directly in front of the terminals and is easily reached by lift, escalator or stairs.

A special transfer from Hamburg airport to Travemünde can be organized. Contact me if you need a pick up. 

The Lübeck airport connects the metropolitan region of Hamburg and the Baltic Sea region with destinations in Europe. Travelling to and from Lübeck by plane is easy.

Destinations to/from Lübeck airport:
The Irish airline Ryanair offers scheduled flights from or to Porto (Portugal) und Mailand-Bergamo (Italien). Further information at ryanair.com.

The Hungarian-Polish airline Wizz Air flies from/to Lübeck from or to Danzig (Poland) and Kiev (the Ukraine). Further information at: wizzair.com

Easy transfer
Getting to Lübeck's town centre is easy: The number 6 bus route starts right in front of the airport and leaves every 20 mins for the central bus station and back (journey approx. 30 mins). A train leaves for the main train station every hour from the "Lübeck Flughafen" stop and back again (journey approx. 8 mins).

You will also find more information at Lübeck airport:
Yasmina Flughafenmanagement GmbH
- Lübeck Airport –
Blankenseer Straße 101
23562 Lübeck

Quelle: http://www.luebeck-tourism.de



By car, train, long-distance bus or public transport: arrive safely and in a relaxed manner to spend your holiday in Travemünde. There are numerous ways to explore the seaside resort and the area without a car. Rental bikes and e-scooters will get you from A to B in a dynamic and comfortable way. The local bus "Lümo" runs upon request. It can simply be ordered and will take you directly to your destination. By the way: there is also a tram in Travemünde. Lean back and listen to anecdotes about days gone by and today’s life at the seaside resort.

Please check the following options:
Arrival by Deutsche Bahn
Public transport in Lübeck and Travemünde
On site in Travemünde
Arrival by car
Arrival by boat
Arrival by ferry

More tips on how to get to Travemünde and a selection of the best means of transport can also be found here:


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